Roehr Announces New Race-Ready Electric Motorcycle

Roehr eSuper series

In brief: Roehr, a challenger in the electric sport bike industry, has announced a suite of race-ready bikes that will be available soon.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: eSuperSport, eSuperBike, eSuperBike RR
Manufacturer: Roehr

The word

Roehr eSuper base for the 3 models

The three models are all based on the same platform with differing drive trains and battery packs. Each is cheaper than the next while every succeeding bike has more power.

The entry-level eSuperSport has a single 48hp motor and a price tag of $16,995. This bike has a 100mph top speed, single rear suspension, and is direct drive (no transmission). It's fitted with a 96V, 5.8kWh LiFePO4 pack.

The eSuperBike has duel motors for 96hp total and a sticker price of $27,559. This bike has a 135mph top speed, an Ohlins rear suspension, direct drive, and a 96V, 7.7kWh LiFePO4 pack.

Finally, the race-ready eSuperBike RR has dual AC motors for 96hp but with more power, selling for $34,495. This bike also has a 135mph top speed, Ohlins suspension, etc. It has lighter-weight racing wheels, is also direct drive, and has the same batteyr pack. It has all required track safety gear for both TTXGP and e-Power racing.

All three will be available soon and pre-orders are being taken now.

And so ...

Pretty cool line up from Roehr, based on their race experience.

Photo credits: Roehr

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