Rinspeed Shows Off New UC Concept for Geneva

Rinspeed UC concept
Rinspeed UC concept
Rinspeed UC concept

In brief: The annual unveiling of Swiss design company Rinspeed's latest entry into the Geneva Motor Show has become tradition. This year, the concept is an electric called the UC?.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: UC?
Manufacturer: Rinspeed

The word

Rinspeed UC?

The car looks much like the Fiat 500 and is a battery electric urban commuter (or UC for short).

The UC? has a range of only 65 miles per charge and uses lithium-ion batteries from LiTec and uses some of the urban concepts pioneered by the Smart ForTwo such as perpendicular parking.

Rinspeed UC?

The most interesting aspect of the UC? isn't the car at all, but Rinspeed's rail system idea for pulling cars onto trains for longer-distance commuting. That was discussed when Rinspeed first introduced the UC? concept.

Rinspeed UC?

And so ...

The Geneva Motor Show promises to be a great event this year and the latest from Rinspeed will be there in the flesh.

Photo credits: Rinspeed

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