Rinspeed Goes Panda With the Bamboo Concept Buggy


In brief: Switzerland's Rinspeed is now showing a concept electric beach buggy called the Bamboo.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Bamboo concept

Manufacturer: Rinspeed

The word


Rinspeed introduces the Bamboo by first saying you won't like it. They then go on to show how the Bamboo is a platform for showcasing a lot of interesting design ideas for a fun, party-atmosphere vehicle.

The Bamboo is electric, but no specifications are given. Instead, focus is on innovations such as the inflatable roof (removable to be used as a mattress), bamboo-based interior fabric, an HTC tablet PC in the dashboard, and the creme de la creme? The "mood update" front grille that the driver can program to show their current "status" (mood).

And so ...

In all, another fun and interesting concept from Rinspeed.

Photo credits: Rinspeed

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