Renault Takes Twizy ZE Concept To Production

Twizy ZE (production)
Twizy ZE (production)
Twizy ZE (production)

In brief: Renault's Twizy ZE concept city car debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September and is now planned for production in 2011.

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Make/Model: Twizy ZE
Manufacturer: Renault

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Twizy ZE Production

Debuting the Twizy ZE in Frankfurt, along with three other ZE concept cars (Zoe, Fluence, and Kangoo), Renault has now committed to producing the Twizy in 2011. It will be built at their Spanish production facility in Valladolid.

The Twizy ZE concept is a one-seat city car with an ultra-compact design. It's only a little over 2 meters long and a meter wide.

It's all-electric with a 15kW motor (70Nm torque) and simple direct-drive transmission/inverter. The little car's top speed is 47mph with a range of about 62 miles per charge.

The li-ion batteries are located under the seats and are charged from a cable at front (under the Renault logo). The car is built for the European market with standard 220V 10A/16A sockets. A full charge takes three to four hours.

Twizy ZE Concept

The car will be produced in 2011 along with that plant's current gasoline and hybrid vehicle line, namely the Megane and Modus series.

And so ...

The little commuter will not likely be sold in North America. It is part of the battery-swappable line that Renault is producing to couple with the Better Place battery changing stations that will pepper Europe, Israel, and Asia.

Photo credits: Green Car Congress

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