Renault Previews DeZir Electric Concept

Renault DeZir concept

In brief: The DeZir from Renault is scheduled to make its debut at the Paris Motor Show later this summer. Renault has previewed the concept, however, as part of its Z.E. (zero emissions) line.

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Make/Model: DeZir Concept
Manufacturer: Renault

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Renault DeZir

The car's major features (beyond the will-never-see-production gull wing doors) are its advanced technologies and light weight.

A motor powers the rear wheels from a center position (about where a differential would be on most drive trains). This optimizes weight distribution with the centrally-located 24kWh lithium-ion battery pack under the bench seat.

The car is expected to have a range of about 160km/charge (99 miles) with output being 110kW (148hp) and 226Nm of torque (maximum). That means acceleration of 0-50km/hr in about 2 seconds.

Most of the body panels are made of kevlar, its steel frame is tubular and based on the Megane Trophy race car, as does the wishbone arrangement for the suspension on the DeZir.

Other enhancements include a full underbody fairing, sleek styling that also reduces drag, and more that all culminate in a coefficient of 0.25.

Regenerative braking, using a unique KERS-like operation wherein power is captured to the batteries or to a driver-toggle-able "boost" system.

And so ...

Charging time takes up to 8 hours at standard Euro-plugin with fast-charging and Quick Drop Renault battery swapping also available.

Photo credits: Renault

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