Renault Kangoo All-Electric Minivan to Enter Production in 2011

Kangoo (side)
Kangoo (front-up)
Kangoo (front-left)
Kangoo (front)
Kangoo (dash)
Kangoo (boot/cargo)
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In brief: Dedicated to becoming the world leader in electric cars, Renault announces another EV production release, this time the 2011 Kangoo minivan.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Kangoo Van ZE
Manufacturer: Renault

The word

Kangoo EV

After announcing the Twizy ZE commmuter car for production, Renault has now announced that the electric version of its popular Kangoo van will enter production in 2011.

The images released so far are of the concept "be bop" version that was showcased in May, but the new EV will likely look more like its current ICE model.

Kangoo (rear)

The Kangoo is primarily sold as a small, commercial vehicle for professionals (tradesmen, delivery, etc.) rather than to the consumer market. The EV may see wider sales, however.

The Kangoo EV will be built where the current ICE Kangoo is manufactured in Northern France at Renault's Maubeauge Construction Automobile plant.

Kangoo dashboard

The EV will be built similarly to the ICE Kangoo with various options such as windows, side panels, interior shelving, and so forth.

Kangoo cargo

The Kangoo has a 44kW motor, 15kWh lithium-ion pack, and a single-gear reducer box. This gives the EV a 100 mile range and it charges to full in about six to eight hours (European voltage, RWE plug) or fast-charged to 80% in half an hour.

And so ...

No announcement has been made regarding whether the Kangoo will be available in North America, but with Renault making inroads here recently, it could be possible.

Photo credits: Renault

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