Radical SR0 Unveils at the Autosport International 2010

Radical SR0 Unveiling
Radical SR0 Unveiling
Radical SR0

In brief: The aptly-named Radical SR0 (S-R-Zero), an Indy-car-styled electric racer, was unveiled at Birmingham's Autosport International 2010.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: SR0
Manufacturer: Radical Sport Cars

The word

SR0 Unveiled

The show in England is one of many sports shows involving technologies in and around auto racing and this one was no exeception. The new Radical Sport offering is the SR0 (obviously for "zero emissions"), an Indy racer capable of some impressive speeds.

The SR0 uses EVO Electric's Axial Flux motor technology, which probably debuted originally in the first DeLorean that Dr. Brown transformed in the 1980s.


Kidding aside, the Axial Flux tech uses two EVO AFM motors that are capable of propelling the SR0 from 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 118mph. That is impressive.

The SR0 will be undergoing an 16,000 mile endurance test starting in Argentina and ending in Alaska later this year.

Radical SR0 Torupe

And so ...

Radical has not given any more information on this car, but it's assumed there will be more forthcoming as the Pan-American journey commences.

Photo credits: Radical Sports Cars

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