Racing Green Endurance to Drive Pan American Highway - Alaska to South America

Racing Green Endurance

In brief: The Racing Green Endurance supercar and its designers plan to go from Alaska to South America in a daring multi-continental drive down the Pan American Highway.

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Make/Model: Racing Green Endurance
Manufacturer: Racing Green Endurance Team

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Racing Green Endurance

Built by students at the London Imperial College of Engineering, the Racing Green Endurance (RGE) is a 300-mile range supercar reminiscent of Indy cars, with only 3 inches of road clearance and no windscreen or doors.

The group first tested the car on the M25 motorway, doing two full laps (265 miles) and pulled into the pit with a full 14% of their battery power remaining. This despite speeds of up to 70mph on the run.

The car features two brand new (not yet commercially available) motors from Evo outputting 44kW (continuous) each. With the car weighing only 2,580 pounds (curb, it seats two snugly), though, the motors can propel is pretty fast. The car is engineered for top efficiency at around 60mph. The motors are each mounted directly to the hubs of the rear wheels.

The batteries in the car are Chinese Thundersky cells in a 164-pack of lithium-ion phosphate. This puts out 54kWh. The cells were chosen for their cost-effectiveness and longevity, being good for about 5,000 cycles.

And so ...

Pretty cool and we'll see how well their run makes it. That low clearance could be a trip-killer.

Photo credits: Racing Green Endurance

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