Racey cool Peugeot XRC Concept

Peugeot XRC Concept

In brief: Imagine the thrill of actually sitting in your favorite remote-controlled car from youth. That's the XRC.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: XRC Concept
Manufacturer: Peugeot / Tiago Aiello

The word

Peugeot XRC Concept

Remember the thrill of driving your favorite R/C car when you were young? With all the cool power, flips, all terrain aspects and everything else that came with one of those little model cars that actually drove?

Imagine sitting in it instead, but otherwise having most of the function that little electric R/C all terrain racer had.

That's the Peugeot XRC Concept by Tiago Aiello. It's very name implies this fun thrill and every aspect of the design screams "race me on every terrain imaginable."

And so ...

What else can be said? It's a concept only and will not likely leave the designer's computer screen, but it's still very, very cool.

Photo credits: Tiago Aiello

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