Quantya Debuts New Electric Snow Bike

Quantya Snow Track

In brief: Quantaya, the Swedish maker of electric motorcycles, is now working on an electric snow bike - half motorcycle, half snowmobile - called the Snow Track.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Snow Track
Manufacturer: Quantaya

The word

Quantaya Snow Track

The Snow Track is basically a Quantya Track model electric motorcycle with a ski on the front and a tracked wheel replacement on the rear.

That doesn't make it less cool, of course.

The company appears to be testing the vehicle and looking for market viability. It's possible that this could also be sold as a winter kit for one or all of their standard electric motorcycle models.

The company released photos, but has said little else about the concept. Still, it's a pretty good idea and would probably be viable in a northern market.

Photo credits: Quantya USA

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