Public-Private Partnership in So Cal Testing Neighborhood Electrics


In brief: Called the Local Use Vehicle (LUV) Project, several communities in southwest Los Angeles County have formed a public-private partnership with Enterprise Fleet Management to test low-speed neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV).

The word


The vehicles leased by Enterprise Fleet Management are low-speed, zero-tailpipe emissions, short-range electric vehicles of various makes. The LUV pilot project is an 18-month demonstration that allows individuals and businesses to test the vehicles for 3-6 months before the vehicles are rotated to other users.

The idea is to give the public and local businesses the option to "try before you buy" to see if the vehicles are worth the investment. In return, Enterprise and the vehicles' manufacturers get feedback on satisfaction levels and ideas for improvement as well as the GPS data from the vehicles themselves to learn usage information.

And so ...

An NEV is a vehicle that travels at 25mph or less and is limited to streets with posted speed limits of 35mph or lower. Vehicles being tested here include the Wheego Whip, Colombia Summit, Vantage, and GEM.

Photo credits: EZGo

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