Protoscar Gives LAMPO2 Teaser Before Geneva Show

Protoscar LAMPO2

In brief: Protoscar, the European design firm, has released a teaser image of their latest car, an upgrade to the previous version, this one called the LAMPO2.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: LAMPO2
Manufacturer: Protoscar

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Protoscar LAMPO2

Last year, the design firm came out with the LAMPOS, an electric cabriolet design, and has been driving the concept car around racetracks and roadways in Europe since.

Now, they are teasing the updated, new design of the car, which they're calling LAMPO2. The prototype of the vehicle will be on hand at the Geneva Motor Show later this year.

The new rendition runs as an all-wheel-drive (2 motors, one on each axle), putting out about 350hp (443lb-ft / 600Nm) doing the 0-62 in 5 seconds. It's range is only 125 miles per charge.

Where it differentiates is its charging modes. There are four of them. It uses both single and triple-phase connections and can be charged to 60 miles of range in only ten minutes with a rapid charger interface.

And so ...

It will be exciting to see this car in action, rather than just through teaser graphics. If it's anything like what they claim, it's a definite improvement over the previous LAMPO.

Photo credits: Protoscar

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