Pininfarina Unveils New Nido Micro EV Prototype

Pininfarina Nido

In brief: Pininfarina has unveiled a new electric vehicle prototype called the Nido, a sub-compact commuter.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Nido
Manufacturer: Pininfarina

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Pininfarina, the company whose electric Bluecar is set to hit the streets of Europe this year, has released details for its latest concept prototype the Nido.

The Italian design company is planning a modularized floor plan for future expansion on the vehicle. The prototype uses steel, but the future production version would include an aluminum space frame to go with the lighter, small car design.

The Nido also features a 30kW motor (92lb-ft torque), a 21.2kWh Ni-NaCl battery pack (Zebra Z5), and a range of 140km (87 miles) per charge with a charge time of 8 hours to full (on European circuit). It's speed is 0-60km/h at 6.7 seconds (about 12 seconds 0-60mph) and a top speed of 120km/h (75mph).

And so ...

The modular makeup of the Nido has already given plans for possible larger versions - one a hybrid and the other also all-electric.

Photo credits: Pininfarina

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