Phoenix Motorcars Reappears with New SUT for FedFleet 2010

Phoenix Motorcars SUT

In brief: Phoenix Motorcars, which had quietly seemed to have gone by the wayside, has returned with a newly-configured all wheel drive (AWD) sports utility truck (SUT) at the FedFleet 2010 Conference in Arizona.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: AWD SUT
Manufacturer: Phoenix Motorcars

The word

Phoenix Motorcars SUT

The new SUT is capable of freeway speeds, seats four, and can carry up to half a ton in payload. Range is 70 miles per charge with options to extend to 100 miles coming in early 2011.

Initial deliveries will begin later this year with production set to start soon. Several demonstration programs and test fleets are on the pre-order list for the SUT around the U.S.

And so ...

Phoenix Motorcars is headquartered in Ontario, California and is owned by Al Yousuf of Dubai.

Photo credits: Phoenix Motorcars

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