Peugeot Releases Specifications and Pricing for iOn EV

Peugeot iOn

In brief: The Peugeot iOn electric car, based on the Mitsubishi iMiEV, is to enter the European market later this year. The carmaker has no released specs and pricing details for the upcoming release.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: iOn EV
Manufacturer: Peugeot

The word

iOn EV detail with 1) Motor, 2) Traction Battery Pack, 3) Inverter, 4) On-board charger

Peugeot plans to put the Mitsubishi-derived iOn to market later this year with an "all-inclusive mobility offer." This will be a lease-based program at $643US (including VAT) throughout Europe as a 5-year program.

The primary target for the iOn is government and public services as well as car shares and corporate fleets.

The iOn is a rear-wheel drive electric car with a top speed of up to 81mph ahead of the 47kW motor (max). The batteries are lithium-ion manganese (LiMn2O4) with the pack storing 16kWh with nominal 330V output.

Built-in charging facilitates 50kW on 3-phase 380V European. The charger, inverter, converter, and motor are all liquid cooled.

And so ...

The car will also be available to private individuals.

Photo credits: Peugeot

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