Peugeot brings BB1 all-electric urban concept to Frankfurt

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Make/Model: BB1
Manufacturer: Peugeot
In Brief: Peugeot introduces its BB1 all-electric concept car at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show.

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Peugeot has made its presence felt at the Frankfurt Motor Show in part through the introduction of its BB1 all-electric concept.


The Peugeot BB1 (photo courtesy Jalopnik)

The BB1 is a dedicated electric vehicle that is driven by two electric motors in the rear wheels that offer a continuous total power output of 15 kW. A pair of lithium-ion battery packs contribute to the BB1's all-electric range of 75 miles (120 km), according to the car maker.


The Peugoet BB1 (photo courtesy

In a clip at their website, Peugeot's head of concept car design, Gilles Vidal says that the vehicle seats four by:

"... Installing the passengers like on a motorobike or scooter. There's less space between the front and rear, and the passengers are more upright. There's a double benefit: it's more compact, but you also sit more upright, so you're more alert and mobile inside the car. There's much better vision all around the vehicle which, in an urban environbment, of course, is a plus."

And so …

The concept is daring and unique, but Vidal's sales pitch … not remotely convincing.

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The Peugeot BB1

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