Partnership Between Daimler, Nissan and Renault Forged

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In brief: Daimler, Nissan, and Reanault have confirmed a wide-ranging partnership to jointly develop vehicles and cut costs through economies of scale, Smart likely the first beneficiary

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Make/Model: Smart
Manufacturer: Daimler/Renault

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Renault-Nissan and DaimlerThe already-forged Renault-Nissan alliance has now made room for one more: Damiler. The new partnership allows for wider vehicle co-development, technology sharing, and resource collaboration to increase economies of scale.

With the global economy down and the current push for new technologies, it's not surprising to see combinations like this.

The first vehicle to reap the benefits of this tighter alliance is the stuttering little Smart ForTwo and Renault's iteration, the Twingo. This was a close collaboration between the companies and is likely to see more as the tiny cars get a new boost.

The collaborative efforts, according to the announced agreement, aren't limited to electrics, however, and can include everything from small cars to light trucks and even luxury brands.

And so ...

Similar alliances and purchased corporate stakes have happened with Fiat-Chrysler, Volkswagen-Suzuki, and others.

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