Norway Post First Customer for Transit Connect Electric

Norway Post Transit Connect Electric

In brief: The Norway Post is the first European customer for the Ford Transit Connect Electric delivery van, putting in a 20 unit order with an option to order more.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Transit Connect Electric
Manufacturer: Ford / Azure Dynamics

The word

Norwegian Post Transit Connect

With the Transit Connect Electric ready for manufacture, the first orders for the delivery van are in. Norway Post, the largest provider of mail and logistics services in Norway, has purchased 20 Transit Connect Electrics with an option to purchase more.

The Norway Post is the largest employer in Norway and has committed to a 30% reduction of its CO2 emissions by 2015, meeting targets set by the Norwegian parliament's Climate Settlement. These electric delivery vans will be a large part of that.

The vans will likely see service in various parts of Norway, replacing petrol vehicles currently on the road.

And so ...

The Transit Connect Electric enters the market this summer, which is likely when delivery of the Post's vehicles will take place.

Photo credits: Norway Post

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