Nissan Unveils LEAF NISMO Racing Competition Demonstrator


In brief: Nissan as unveiled the LEAF NISMO Racing Competition (RC) battery electric race car at the New York International Auto Show.

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Manufacturer: Nissan

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The car is meant to draw attention to electrics in racing and will make a series of demonstration appearances at motorsports venues in 2011. Nissan also hopes to explore and pioneer zero emission competition series races in future years.

The car uses the LEAF's power train and a body design from NISMO, Nissan's motorsports group, made of carbon fier monocoque. The 3-piece body includes removable front and rear sections, fixed windows, LED head- and taillights, and a driver-adjustable rear wing.

The car is 3.9 inches shorter at the wheelbase than the LEAF (going from 4- to 2-doors) and almost 14 inches lower than the production LEAF. This gives the LEAF NISMO a ground clearance of 2.4 inches for racing, versus the production LEAF's 6.3 inches.

The same battery and motor power the racing car (48 modules, 80kW AC synchronous). The car has an output of 107hp and 207lb-ft and pulls the 0-62mph at 6.85 seconds with a top speed of 93mph. Its projected run time under racing conditions is 20 minutes and it requires 30 minutes to charge to 80%.

And so ...

Obviously not truly race-ready, the LEAF NISMO is more of a marketing stunt than a real racer. Still, it will likely be effective as a sales tool towards race fans.

Photo credits: Nissan

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