Nissan to Upscale Leaf for Infinit Brand

Nissan Leaf Infinity

In brief: Nissan plans to sell a version of the Leaf electric car under the Infinity brand as an upscaled premium version.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: ?
Manufacturer: Infinity

The word

Nissan Leaf

The new EV won't be launched until 2014, but will be more than just a repackaged Leaf, instead receiving a whole new body and with different controllers to give the car higher performance numbers.

Nissan plans to have their next generation batteries by the time the new Infiniti model is released, which should make up for losses with the increase performance expectations.

And so ...

While most major car makers are promoting their electrics as high-end, high-priced premiums, Nissan is going the other way, introducing a low-end model (Leaf) first.

Photo credits: Nissan

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