Nissan Shows Off Mixim Concept Electric Car at NAIAS

Nissan Mixim
Nissan Mixim
Nissan Mixim

In brief: Nissan introduced the Mixim Concept EV at the North American International Auto Show this past week.

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Make/Model: Mixim Concept
Manufacturer: Nissan

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Nissan Mixim

While most are familiar with the Nissan LEAF by now, the company is hot to follow up on that electric vehicle's success with more concepts for future versions.

The Mixim is a much smaller coupe than the LEAF, based on the Nissan Cube's chassis. It features LED lighting, a wraparound windshield, a subcompact design, and two motors in an ell-electric drive train.

Nissan Mixim

Nissan describes them as "Super Motor motor/generators" which is probably a fancy way of saying the car has regenerative braking. Each motor serves a separate axle, front and rear.

Nissan Mixim

And so ...

The concept is, as concepts go, relatively vague, but it's not a far step from the LEAF, really, so it may find production.

Photo credits: Nissan

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