Nissan Makes Surprising Hawaii Pick For Early Launch of LEAF

Nissan LEAF

In brief: Nissan North America surprised everyone when they picked Hawaii s one of its initial launch markets in the U.S.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: LEAF
Manufacturer: Nissan

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Nissan LEAF

The early 2011 launch of the much-anticipated Nissan LEAF electric car has been the subject of much speculation, though everyone seemed in agreement that the initial launch of the EV would be in the usual places: New York, California, and maybe Washington State.

Nissan surprised everyone by including the oft-overlooked State of Hawaii as an early launch platform.

Hawaii has been hard at work promoting an electric vehicle network and Nissan plans to take advantage of that.

And so ...

Early registration began in late April and pre-registrations before that had shown 8,200 people willing to put down a deposit and get in line for a LEAF.

Photo credits: Nissan

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