Nissan Leaf Sold Out for 2011


In brief: Nissan's CEO says that interest in the all-electric Leaf is so strong, it's sold out in pre-orders already.

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Make/Model: Leaf
Manufacturer: Nissan

The word

Nissan Leaf SOLD OUT

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Nissan's CEO, Carlos Ghosn, says that the Nissan Leaf has sold out in pre-orders for the 2011 model year. All without a single vehicle being delivered (yet).

The company is continuing to take pre-orders, however, and says that they will likely ramp up production to meet the demand. So far, 13,000 reservations have been taken in the U.S. since last month and 6,000 more have been taken in Japan.

These reservations are all from individual consumers and do not include fleet sales numbers, which were not disclosed.

Original production numbers for the U.S. were expected to be 10-11,000 units.

And so ...

Good news for Nissan and for electric vehicles in general. Each of those reservations was accompanied by a $99 deposit, so these aren't just people signing up for nothing.

Photo credits: Nissan (modified by the author)

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