Nissan enters the PCV arena with Land Glider concept

Land Glider 1.jpg

In Brief: Nissan has unveiled its electric tilting vehicle concept for reporters in anticipation of the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Land Glider concept
Manufacturer: Nissan

The Word

Until now, tilting commuter vehicles have largely been the arena for upstart car companies—think of the Persu, the Carver, the TTW One—but now Nissan's got its own version, the all-electric Land Glider concept.

Nissan LG1

The vehicle can tilt into a 17-degree angle, which might be impressive among major automakers but is shallow set next to the TTW, for instance, which can tilt 45 degrees. According to the AP, Nissan Motor Co. project design director Takashi Nakjima claims that the Land Glider is meant to be a "personal city commuter."

Nissan LG2

122 inches long with a narrow track just 43 in wide (110 cm), the Land Glider uses onboard sensors to determine speed and tilt while in operation. It is powered by two electric motors and a lithium-ion battery pack, which can be charged by a wireless charging system.

And so …

This is apparently Nissan's "glimpse of the company’s vision for urban mobility", as Autoweek puts it.

Photo credits: Associated Press

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