Nissan Announces Purchase Options for EV LEAF

Nissan LEAF

In brief: Nissan has announced the purchase and lease options for the LEAF electric car, due to hit the market in December.

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Make/Model: LEAF
Manufacturer: Nissan

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Nissan LEAF

The Nissan LEAF is the electric car due to hit dealerships in select cities this December and world-wide soon after that. The car just finished a tour of North America, ending up in New York last week.

At that tour wrapup, Nissan announced the purchase options for the LEAF and confirmed that yes, they do include the batteries.

Speculation had been that Nissan would sell or lease the car and require a battery lease program on top of that. Nissan has nixed that rumor and says they will be selling the car, batteries and all, in both full ownership options and lease options.

To register to purchase or lease a LEAF, buyers must go to the LEAF website, fill out the pre-purchase agreement, deposit a refundable $100. Then, in August, buyers/leasees can confirm their orders and get in line to receive their LEAF.

Pre-purchase orders will be taken starting in April. Nissan also released a commercial for the LEAF to announce the new options:

And so ...

Nissan is obviously hoping to edge out the Volt's heavy hype by going right past Chevy's hybrid technology, which many are already seeing as "yesterday's tech."

Photo credits: Nissan

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