Nissan and Coda Working Together on Hawaii's Electrification

Coda Sedan on the beach

In brief: Hawaii is poised to become the U.S.' most electric car friendly state. A recent agreement with Nissan, which will help build an EV charging infrastructure, has now been solidified by the addition of Coda Automotive, who will begin selling the Coda Sedan in late 2011 there.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Leaf / Coda Sedan
Manufacturer: Nissan / Coda Automotive

The word

Coda Sedan

Nissan has said that the 300 Leaf electrics sold in Hawaii so far will be delivered by the end of January 2011. Total incentives in Hawaii for all-electric cars are at $12,500 (state and federal combined).

The Coda Sedan will be on Hawaiian roads by late 2011 with the California company planning to go into production with the car early next year.

The state's electric car charging infrastructure continues to grow and South Korean company CT&T has signed deals to begin building low-speed neighborhood electrics in Hawaii.

And so ...

Hawaii, with its relatively small islands and short distances, is ripe for electric vehicles.

Photo credits: Pacific Biz Journals

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