New Zealand student designs an EV for even the worst traffic jams

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In brief: A New Zealand design student has a solution to those hideous hours spent sitting in your car on congested multi-lane freeways.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: The Switch
Manufacturer: Harry Henrikson

The word

Massey University Aukland School of Design student Harry Henrikson was inspired to design an electric vehicle that switches back and forth from car and motorcycle after he saw images of a congested six-lane freeway in America.

At three meters long and just a meter high, the Switch is a single-occupant vehicle that can change from car to motorcycle in order to ditch those traffic jams. Henrikson entered his design in the 2010 Michelin Challenge, and it is now among 12 finalists for this annual competition, which seems to grow in prestige by the year.

And so ….

Who among us Americans hasn't sat in that traffic, agitated as hell, and dreamt of owning a car that could grow legs so we could walk our way out, or a car with secret vertical take-off capability, or just pulling a William Foster (Michael Douglas) in Falling Down and abandoning the car altogether? Henrikson's idea betters them all, because it's not ridiculous, impractical or, like Foster, homicidal.

Source (including a pic of the Switch): New Zealand Herald

by Ross Bonander

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