New EV Company Emerges From Raser, Valence and EVI

Raser EV 2
In brief: Raser Technologies has finalized a transaction with private investors, lead by a founder from Valence and Electric Vehicles International (EVI) strategic holder.

The word

Raser EV2

The partnership includes a group of investors lead by Carl E. Berg, who is a founder of Valence (the battery maker) and who has strategic holdings in EVI (light-duty vehicles and medium-duty trucks). Berg is capitalizing the newly-created company, putting up $4.5 million to sell most of Raser to the new consortium.

This puts Raser's current series of plug-in hybrid (extended range electrics) on the lineup for Valence to supply batteries and EVI to market the systems in their vehicles.

The latest Raser chassis (shown) is for an extended-range plug-in series hybrid powertrain and integrated drive system meant for full-size SUV and pickup trucks. It would theoretically allow a full SUV to drive about 40 miles all-electric and then use the engine as a range extender.

And so ...

Where this new ownership will go has not been answered, but it should be obvious that the new power train from Raser is a perfect fit for the large vehicles EVI has been working on.

Photo credits: Raser

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