New Electrification Coalition Calls for 75% EV Proliferation by 2040

Electrification Roadmap graph of mileage
Electrification Roadmap

In brief: This new coalition of members of the electric vehicle community, infrastructure, and more proclaim that the U.S. needs to have 75% of its light-duty vehicle miles go electric by 2040.

In the news

Several companies in the electric transportation value chain formed the Electrification Coalition and held their first round table and press conference today.

The word

Electrification Roadmap

They officially released their report titled Electrification Roadmap, which outlines a vision for the deployment of EVs and infrastructure on a national scale.

Members of the coalition include GridPoint, INc., Coda Automotive, Nissan Motor Company, Johnson Controls, FedEx, and A123 Systems. Everyone in the coalition produces vehicles, infrastructure, or components for the EV industry.

That 75% goal would mean 200 million cars being replaced by electrics in only 30 years.

Electrification Roadmap graph of mileage

So the Coalition calls upon federal initiatives to mandate and fund this massive altering of the infrastructure and highway usage.

The self-interest of the coalition is obvious, but there is a question that should also be asked:

Why is government always the answer?

And so ...

In the end, this coalition is probably just a glorified debate and special interest group that will get nowhere. They'll either need to raise a lot of money to buy some high-dollar lobbyists or be patient and wait for the market to come around.

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