NEV Sales to Climb Says Pike

NEV Sales

In brief: Pike Research reports that annual sales of neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) will jump by about 50% in the next six years.

The word

The report predicts that most NEV sales will be due to government and corporate purchase of low-speed electrics for in-city, on-campus, and similar applications. Most public and private purchases will be fueled by a desire to cut fuel costs.

Pike believes that global annual NEV sales will increase to almost 55,000 by 2017 (from a current 37,000) and about half of those increases will be here in North America.

The report assumes that China does not change its road laws to allow NEVs on the street, which would further increase sales by a large margin.

And so ...

So, according to Pike, the market for glorified golf carts is about to get much larger.

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