Munch Racing Takes TTXGP 2010 World Championship

TTXGP Championship Race (world)
In brief: The Grand Final Championship race for the TTXGP took place in Albacete earlier this week with Munch Racing taking the trophy for 2010.

The word

TTXGP 2010 Championship Race by David Herron

The final race was a four-way battle between Munch RAcing, CRP Racing, Team Agni, and Campus Francorchamps. The teams battled it out with Munch's Matthias Himmelman taking the flag and CRP's Alessandro Brannetti taking second and Agni's Jenny Tinmouth bringing up third.

The back-and-forth between the top two bikes was held throughout the race, both teams swapping places continually.

Top speeds during the race hit 176km/h with lap times as fast as 1:44.

Contenders from Team Agni and Campus Francorchamps fell behind after experiencing technical problems with their bikes. The Agni bike has new motors and the supporting electronics had not been tuned to the performance, causing the bike to not show it's real potential. Francorchamps had a motor failure and completed the race with only one motor powering the bike.

And so ...

A great year for electric motorcycle racing, which is sure to continue to grow quickly.

Photo credits: David Herron

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