Mitsuoka Motors Taking Orders for 5-seater i-MiEV Custom

Mitsuoka Like

In brief: Mitsuoka Motor Co, a well-known custom car maker in Japan, is offering a 5-seat electric i-MiEV custom-designed car.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Like
Manufacturer: Mitsuoka Motor

The word

Mitsuoka Like

Mitsuoka made several modifications to customize and upscale the i-MiEV, including a larger interior (with seating for five), extra trim and body changes inside and out, and more.

The company is calling the customized i-MiEV the Like and accomplished the extra interior space by adding about 175mm to the total length of the car. Metal plating on bumpers and other exterior pieces plus a more lavish interior top off the car.

The Like will sell for about $47,000USD and pre-orders will begin shipping in August.

And so ...

Interesting that someone would "up scale" one of these little cars, but Mitsubishi has been pretty open with the licensing for name-plated versions of the i-MiEV.

Photo credits: Mitsuoka

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