Mitsubishi's i MiEV Gets 112MPGe EPA Rating Combined

Mitsubishi i (motion)

In brief: Mitsubishi Motors North America has finally received an EPA rating for its iMiEV (now simply called the "i") battery electric car, earning an MPG equivalent of 112 combined.

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Make/Model: i
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

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Mitsubishi i

The iMiEV is the little car that came too late. A couple of years ago, it was greatly hyped by EV enthusiasts and gained a lot of press for its entrance into high profile car shares. It's long delays to make a public market release, however, meant that competitors like Nissan were able to arrive with more consumer-ready vehicles to compete.

The iMiEV has received an EPA rating of 126MPGe city and 99MPGe on the highway for a combined 112MPGe. EPA's driving range estimate is 62 miles per charge for "real world" conditions and 98 miles for LA4 (mimicking a lot of city driving with start-stops).

To go with the EPA announcement, Mitsubishi also showcased a new solar powered charging station for the i which uses 175W modules to produce enough power to charge at 110v or 220v, the latter of which can recharge the i in about 6 hours.

And so ...

This combines with Mitsubishi's recent price reduction on the little car to $27,990 in order to compete with the larger Nissan Leaf.

Photo credits: Mitsubishi

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