Mitsubishi Providing 507 i-MiEV Cars to Estonia


In brief: Mitsubishi will provide 507 units of its i-MiEV electric car to the government of Estonia, which will finance it through the Kyoto Protocol's Green Investment Scheme. The deal includes CHAdeMO quick charging technology and stations.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: i-MiEV

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

The word

CHAdeMO charging station

The sale is rather complex with Mitsubishi buying 10 million tons of emissions rights and "providing" 507 vehicles to Estonia - no word on whether "providing" means giving or selling. Meanwhile, the Estonian Government will use the proceeds from the emissions sale to purchase and install around 250 quick-charging stations from CHAdeMO.

The CHAdeMO stations are capable of charging the i-MiEV's battery to 80% within 30 minutes and will be installed this year and next.

A grant scheme has been set up to allow up to 500 Estonian citizens to acquire an electric car. The same setup will also require all the power for charging these cars come from renewables.

And so ...

Estonia's goal is to have 10% of its transportation sector using renewables within five years.

Photo credits: CHAdeMO

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