Mitsubishi Prototypes New Ultracapacitor-Battery Hybrid Device

Mitsubishi Capacitor-battery
Mitsubishi Capacitor-battery

In brief: Mitsubishi Electric Corp has demonstrated prototypes of their energy storage cell that combines the fast charge-discharge cycle of a super-capacitor with the long life of a lithium-ion battery.

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Mitsubishi capacitor-battery

There are two prototypes of the device that Mitsubishi has shown: a 10Wh and a 14Wh. The first is a proof-of-principle device and is a mere 3x3 centimeters in size and boasts 3kW per kilogram storage capacity.

The larger 14Wh is a 6x9 centimeter device (shown) with a density of a whopping 60Wh per kilogram.

The proof testing showed a 20% degrade after 2,000 cycles, about four times the life of a lithium-ion baseline. Average voltage for these units is 3.2V (upper limit of 4V).

The capacitor and batteries in the units have a cathode and separator and share an anode. The larger device is flat-wound and the key to the device's impressive properties is the structure of the shared anode. That is made of a carbon material and is the proprietary portion of the whole unit.


And so ...

Interesting and impressive. This could take electric vehicles a long way ahead if it pans out.

Photo credits: Mitsubishi Electric

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