Mission Motors Takes the Flag at TTXGP/e-Power in Laguna Seca

Steve Rapp / Mission Motors / TTXGP Laguna Seca 2011 (Dave Herron)

In brief: In a strong win to begin this years electric-powered TTXGP/e-Power circuit, Steve Rapp of Mission Motors kicks off at the top.

The word

Steve Rapp on the Mission R at Laguna Seca 2011 - photo by David Herron

The first of this year's TTXGP/e-Power electric motorcycle races was run today (July 25, 2011) with Mission Motors' Steve Rapp taking the flag for the win in an excellent showing of this year's race contenders.

Six bikes in the race met or exceeded the winning records of last year's Laguna Seca racers, showing the leap forward that e-cycle design has taken in the past year.

Lap times in qualifications and during the race were also impressive, showing that these electrics can realistically compete against gasoline racers apples-to-apples. Most lap times were within 10 seconds of the MotoGP norms at 1:31-1:33.

The race panned out with Steve Rapp topping out at 215.7km/hr followed by Michael Barnses (Lightning Motors) at 217km/hr and Michae Czysz (MotoCzysz). Last year's 1:44 lap time tops were beat by Allesandro Brannetti, Matthias Himmelmann, and Steve Atlas. Thad Wolff missed it by only four seconds.

And so ...

So the current electric motorcycle lap record at Laguna Seca is 1:31, held by Steve Rapp - who'd taken it just a few weeks ago at 1:43 during the off-circuit REFUEL event.

Photo credits: David Herron, Examiner.com

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