Mikhail Prokhorov's Eco Electric Car is Russian First

Yarovit Eco concept

In brief: A glimpse at the first vehicle design from the richest man in Russia, Mikhail Prokhorov, shows some Russian innovation.

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Make/Model: Eco
Manufacturer: Yorovit

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Yorovit Eco concept

Although Russia isn't new to the recent electric vehicle phenomenon, until now, no one in the country had the clout or wherewithal to make a design become possible reality.

Called the "riches man in Russia," Mikhail Prokhorov has received the blessing of the Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, on his endeavor. Putin is no stranger to electric vehicles either, with both himself and his friend Boris Zingarevich have invested in Ener1, Th!nk, and others.

What makes this different is that it is not only a purely Russian concept, but it is from Prokhorov, who owns the industrial truck manufacturer Yarovit. The car, presumably, would be built by the company.

The concept is slight on details so far, but it is about the size of a BMW Mini Cooper or Honda Element, it seats four and is capable of up to 75mph and 250 miles per charge.

And so ...

The concept, though sketchy, is very practical and would help lead Russia away from petroleum-based fuels.

Photo credits: EVWorld

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