Mercedes Will Put SLS AMG E-Cell Electric Supercar in Showrooms in 2013

Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS E-Cell

In brief: Mercedes-Benz, owned by Daimler, is working on an electric supercar, the SLS AMG E-Cell, and has announced that they will put it into showrooms in 2013.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: SLS AMG E-Cell
Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz

The word

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-CellThe gullwing'd prototype was first shown at the 2009 Frankfurt show and has now, again, appeared for cameras.

The prototype's current iteration is capable of 0-62mph in only 3.8 seconds (a tenth of a second faster than the Roadster Sport) and of achieving its top speed of 124mph in only 10.8 seconds.

The drive train has four motors, one for each wheel, which explains the massive torque and speed the car is capable of.

Unlike the Audi, though, Mercedes didn't opt to put the moors right in the wheel and is instead mounting them to the chassis and connecting them to the wheels with high-torque drive shafts. This allows the car to be fully suspended and eliminates handling issues often found with wheel-mounted motors.

The combined power of the AMG SLS is 392kW (522hp). This means massive batteries are required and Mercedes plans on half a ton of them to total 324 cells, but doesn't give output or range expectations. Of course, most of those who can afford the hefty price tag on this street racer probably won't be driving it to maximize range anyway.

And so ...

The price tag is expected to be in the $307,000 range. That's a lot of clams for an extremely powerful car.

Photo credits: Mercedes-Benz

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