Mercedes-Benz Unveils F800 Style Modular-Approach Concept

Mercedes-Benz F800 Style concept
Mercedes-Benz F800 Style concept

In brief: Daimler (Mercedes-Benz) has introduced its F800 Style research vehicle, which highlights the company's planned modular approach to its next-generation vehicles.

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Make/Model: F800 Style Concept
Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz

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Mercedes-Benz F800 Style

The chassis for the F800 is a five seat upper-market sedan built to be an electric vehicle, top to bottom. The drive train, however, is modular, allowing for a plug-in hybrid electric or hydrogen fuel-cell electric power train.

That modularity is what sets the Daimler approach to its next-generation concept vehicles apart from other manufacturer's R&D.

With an HFC-based drivetrain, the Style would have a range of about 373 miles per tank of H2 while the PHEV model would offer 19 miles all-electric and about the same total range.

Mercedes-Benz F800 Style

All components are inside the F800's front engine compartment and chassis gaps, allowing for a full-sized trunk and passenger area. Mercedes plans to use their advanced F-CELL components for the HFC drive option while the plug-in would feature Daimler's BlueZero powertrain.

And so ...

Very cool approach from Mercedes-Benz, whose competition from Audi and BMW show that the Germans are definitely on top of the future of auto tech.

Photo credits: Daimler

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