Mercedes-AMG SLS E-Cell (AMGee whiz!) To Begin Production in 2013

Mercedes-AMG SLS E-Cell frame and d-train
Mercedes-AMG SLS E-Cell cutaway
In brief: The AMGee Whiz is slated to see production in 2013.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: SLS AMG E-Cell
Manufacturer: Mercedes-AMG

The word

Mercedes-AMG SLS AMG E-Cell cutwaway

Mercedes has announced that production on the SLS AMG E-CELL electric super sporter will begin in 2013.

The car, featured here on FutureCars a few months ago, has so far largely been missed by the production-developer's eraser. A malady that often plagues great cars in design concept before they are actually built (e.g. the Chevy Volt).

The powerful E-CELL will have four motors, 392kW of power (649lb-ft/880Nm torque) and a 48kWh battery pack, which will be modular to allow for easy replacement. Mercedes-AMG SLS AMG E-Cell vs gasoline counterpart

And so ...

This awesome car still doesn't have a price tag, but Mercedes has now firmly committed to a production time frame.

Photo credits: Mercedes-AMG

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