McLaren putting 42 all-electric race cars into the Formula E series

Formula E car

In brief: McLaren, well-known for its muscular sports cars and legendary cars in Formula 1, has jumped feet first into the emerging electric car racing series, the Formula E.

The word

The Formula E is set to launch in 2014 with a Formula 1-style racing series in which all of the competing vehicles are electrically driven.

McLaren, a leader in Formula 1, says it will have 42 cars ready for opening day of the Formula E in conjunction with Spark Racing Technology. The FIA-sanctioned event is a Championship series wherein the cars abide by most of the Formula rules for shape and weight, but must be all-electric in propulsion.

McLaren will have some demonstration cars next year, which will likely be shown at Formula One events around the world. So far, the series is expected to have 10 teams with 20 drivers, making for four cars per team plus a crash test and an official test vehicle - making for an order of 42 so far.

And so ...

Readers may recall the Ferrari-based Formulec electric F1 car, with a team led by Frederic Vasseur. He and that team are what make up the core of SRT for this latest endeavor with McLaren and Formula E owns the technology for the Formulec, bringing it all together.

Photo credits: Formula E

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