Mazda to Use Demio Platform for New Electric Vehicle Project

Mazda Demio (concept)

In brief: Mazda Motor Corp is providing three bare-bones Demio cars (aka Mazda2s) to Itochu Corp and Tsukuba City to convert to electric for testing.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Demio (Mazda2s)
Manufacturer: Mazda Motor Corporation

The word

Demio concept

The Tsukuba Environmental Style Test Project will begin in March 2010 near Tokyo, Japan in Tsukuba City. The aims are to comprehensively assess a low-carbon energy network of electric vehicles, rapid chargers, fixed battery stations, car sharing, etc.

Mazda's role in this is to work with Itochu to create three EVs (based on the Demio) in order to determine the optimum vehicle specifications and performance for the project.

For Mazda, this gives the company a chance to test some concepts from its research and development. Thus far, Mazda's alt-fuel vehicles have been quiet. Their focus has been mainly on improving current ICE efficiencies and on utilizing the Wankel Rotary Engine in hydrogen concepts.

And so ...

The projects participants are many, including a chain of convenience stores, EnerDel, Windcar car sharing, and others.

Photo credits: Mazda Motor Corp

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