Maple Ridge, BC Converts Truck to Electric

Maple Ridge Electric Truck - Roads Super Wayne Hardy

In brief: Maple Ridge, British Columbia has converted a fleet pickup truck to all-electric operation.

The word

Maple Ridge electric truck and Roads Superintendent Wayne Hardy

The public works department at Maple Ridge converted the pickup to battery electric operation after crunching the numbers and realizing the cost savings versus trading it in for a new gas guzzler.

The GM Sonoma truck was converted by employees at the public works including George Veltin. It uses 32 200A lithium-ion batteries, a 96V motor and a new transmission. The project cost $13,000 and came as a kit from Canadian Electric Vehicles. It began in December and the truck was on the road in April.

The public works district expects to get six years of service out of the truck, saving $6,000 a year in fuel costs.

And so ...

Very cool conversion and all from a kit!

Photo credits: BC Local News

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