Luxgen Unveils 7-Passenger Electric Vehicle (MPV) at Dubai

Luxgen 7 SUV

In brief: Luxgen, a Taiwanese automaker, has unveiled a 7-passenger electric crossover called the EV+ along with four other models from this brand new automaker.

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Make/Model: EV+
Manufacturer: Luxgen

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Luxgen (luxury genius) made it's debut at the Dubai International Motor Show in December and showed off the world's first production 7-passenger electric vehicle, the EV+.

The car company combines automotive and computer technology in what they call the "IT+AUTO+ET" marketing brand. All four of the vehicles debuted include the Think+ system which involves several computer-aided systems for driver safety and vehicle performance.

The Eagle View+ system is a camera-assisted night vision system for better visibility to the driver. The carmaker is also the first to integrate the new Microsoft Windows CD Automotive interface into their vehicles as well as lane-departure and blind spot monitoring systems.

The EV+ is based on their luxury model, the Luxgen MPV. The company did not give specifications for the vehicle, but plans to begin sales in the United Arab Emerites and other select Middle Eastern countries beginning in the second quarter of 2010.

And so ...

It's a little ironic that this electric vehicle will debut in a land made rich from oil production.

Photo credits: Luxgen

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