KillaJoule from KillaCycle Racing Gets Final Design for Electric Speed

KillaJoule design concept

In brief: KillaCycle Racing's Eva Hakansson and her team have finalized the design for the KillaJoule electric streamliner motorcycle. Plans for Bonneville and 400mph now underway.

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Make/Model: KillaJoule
Manufacturer: KillaCycle Racing

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KillaJoule design concept

Upon the announcement of the KillaJoule, the KillaCycle Team had put together the framework in only four days, built around Crew Chief Eva Hakansson.

Now the KillaJoule has a final design and is beginning to take shape. If the team keeps up this breakneck pace, they'll be on the salt flats in Bonneville on schedule in September.

When last we saw the KillaJoule here at FutureCars, it was just a frame with a few extra pieces added - not even a rolling chassis yet.

Now, with final design elements in place, it will begin to take shape as a motorcycle built around speed. The goal this year is to get 200mph out of the machine, half of its ultimate goal of 400.

Because of expense, the team will forgo the usual composite body and instead will use aluminum. It's light, durable, and much less expensive. Fabrication is already underway.

Hopefully, FutureCars will get down to see the new KillaJoule when it's nearing completion.

And so ...

Even more to the point, hopefully it's this reporter who gets to go to see it.

Photo credits: Eva Hakansson

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