KillaCycle Team Completes First Phase of KillaJoule Streamliner

KillaJoule frame

In brief: The KillaCycle Team, this time lead by Crew Chief Eva Hakansson, is building a new Streamliner speed cycle they're calling the KillaJoule - eventually to be capable of a whopping 368mph!

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: KillaJoule
Manufacturer: KillaCycle

The word

KillaJoule with Eva, Bob, Gary, and Clay

Recruiting two frame builders from California, Clay and Gary Gardiner, work began on the frame for the new speed bike which is being built specifically to break land speed records on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

After four days of intense work, the frame for the KillaJoule is complete and ready for details.

The goal is to build a machine capable of breaking the current electric motorcycle record of 176mph this September at Bonneville and have some speed to spare. Ultimately, the KillaJoule should be capable of a blazing 368mph after a couple of years of fine tuning the bike and it's rider's skills.

Eva, Crew Chief for the KillaCycle Team, will be riding this electric speed demon and, as you can see, the frame was literally built around her.

And so ...

Hopefully they let her out on good behavior once in a while.

Photo credits: Eva Hakansson

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