KillaCycle Returns from New Zealand After Much Success

KillaCycle Kiwi

In brief: Returning from New Zealand, the KillaCycle team announces they've had a strong and eventful time promoting electrics in Kiwiland.

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KillaCycle in New Zealand

The KillaCycle has returned from New Zealand after a successful tour of the country, showing off how fast and sexy an EV can be.

The KillaCycle Team toured Kiwiland with the bike, attending ten events in three weeks. The primary plan was to promote both the power and potential of EVs as well as the new idea from Tumanako Group, whose built an open-source 200kW inverter and drive package which will be on the market shortly.

This has great potential for the racing and the small manufacturer market, as motor controllers are usually closed-boxes that they do not have access for software changes and other options.

Here is video from Motueka, NZ at an airport turned drag strip during the tour:

Killacycle. Standing 1/4 mile. 5th run. Motueka NZ. 6/2/10. from Paul Tuffery. The Video Guys on Vimeo.

And so ...

Pretty awesome stuff from the KillaCycle team.

Photo credits: KillaCycle / Eva

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