KillaCycle Heads to Kiwi Country

Kiwi vs KillaCycle

In brief: The world's fastest electric drag-racing motorcycle is headed for New Zealand for a green promotional tour and to take on the Kiwi's fastest funnybike.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: KillaCycle
Manufacturer: KillaCycle / A123Systems

The word

Kiwi vs KillaCycle

The KillaCycle holds the current world record for fastest electric motorcycle and for fastest electric vehicle in the 1/4 mile at 7.864 seconds and 169mph. Now, the dragster is headed for New Zealand.

Once there, it will take part in an educational tour of museums, schools, and other venues as part of a Greenstage event throughout the country.

The trip will culminate in a showdown between the all-electric KillaCycle and the bat-winged funnybike, the Afterburner. That is New Zealand's fastest drag-racing motorbike with a best 1/4 mile at 166.37mph (8.119 seconds).

But the KillaCycle might have a trick up its non-existent exhaust pipe. Brand new batteries from A123Systems, the KillaCycle's chief sponsor, may be on board, dropping the bike's weight by 150 pounds and pushing it up to a whopping 560hp!

And so ...

A new record may be in the offing...

Photo credits: KillaCycle

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