Kia Introduces a New Electric Concept Venga

Kia Venga EV

In brief: The brand new Vega MPV model from Kia is now an all-electric concept, introduced at the Geneva Motor Show.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Venga EV
Manufacturer: Kia Motors

The word

Kia Venga EV

The concept from Kia is the Venga MPV body with the drive train replaced by an electric 80kW motor (280Nm, 206lb-ft) and a 24kWh Lithium-ion Polymer battery which gives a range of 112 miles per charge.

The little four-door does 0-62 in 11.8 seconds and has a top speed of 87mph. A 50kW quick charging cycle is also available, charging the batteries to 80% in only 20 minutes. Normal charging requires 8 hours to full.

And so ...

Very nicely done with this concept, though no production dates or price tag was given.

Photo credits: Kia Motors

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