Johnson Electric Launches New Micro-Motor Product Line

Compact DC
In brief: Johnson Electric has entered the electric vehicle supply chain with its Compact DC product line.

The word

Compact DCThe Compact DC is based on Johnson Electric's Curve technology, which uses an unusual 4-pole magnetic design in a curved package, reducing motor size and weight significantly. According to the company, the Compact DC micro-motors offer the highest power density in the industry.

This power density is well-suited to electric vehicles, in which weight ultimately decides range (less weight = longer range). JE claims a 35% weight reduction and 25% size reduction between a like-output standard motor and their Compact DC.

These micro-motors will not power the car, of course, but will be used in auxiliary functions of the car: HVAC, wheel locks, door locks, windows, etc.

And so ...

Smaller is always better and these auxiliaries can add up, so every type of automobile can benefit from these reductions.

Photo credits: Johnson Electric

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